Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you seen the film Slumdog Millionaire? You should.

Slumdog Millionaire

I am not in favor of using this blog to promote commercial ventures that have more than enough resources to market their products. However in the case of Slumlord Millionaire, I will make an exception. In part, because it doesn’t appear to be creating the buzz that it should. This is simply a great film.

Through music, color, and the other worldly experience of being in India, this movie suspends your realty temporarily and takes you on a mystical journey. It was so refreshing to experience a movie that made me wonder and think .

I loved the out of control feeling. I liked not knowing how the pieces of the puzzle would come together. I liked feeling physically affected by the texture of the scenes and emotionally pulled into the pain, joy, and excitement. I liked seeing unknown faces on the screen and confronting issues that are easier to ignore. And I liked that the pulsating music wouldn’t allow me to leave my seat for fear I might miss something.

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